How It Works

How Our Online Class Services Works

Step 1: Provide Us With Your Details.

Fill out the form on our order page with the appropriate details as indicated in the form. All you need to do is to give us your email address and phone number where we can communicate and give further instruction. Once you provide us with your details we will contact you with our business email address and now you can provide more information about your order. The more information you give the better result you can get from your order. You can also set your deadline and the further away the deadline is the lower the price of your order.

Step2: Make Payment For Your Order.

After we contact you, we will discuss the price rate of your order. Once you make a deposit/full payment of your order you secure yourself a writer. Once the payment is received, you can consider your work done and a guaranteed success. Note that all payments are processed online via PayPal which is a secured and safe platform.

Step 3: Process Is Initiated

Once your order is completed it is assigned a proficient writer to work on it immediately. You can even track your order now and check on its completion status. Be sure to ask questions to our support team and they will reliance on your assigned writer to report your order progress immediately.

Step 4: Work On The Order

Our team of experienced writers will work on your order and ensure you receive an order that meets your academic requirements. Your order can be worked on by more than one writer to make sure you receive the best.

Step 5: Deliver Your Order

After we are sure enough that your order is perfect as it is supposed to be we will email it to you. You are supposed to go through it and check whether it meets the specifications you wanted. We are always ready to make any necessary adjustments that we missed during processing your order. You are allowed to make a comment or describe your experience working with us. This will help to improve our services in future. You are also extremely welcome to order again with us and experience our amazing discounts.

The Services We Offer

Our online professional writers who will be managing your class we participate in all your class activities including;